Third Backside in a row 13/1


Haven't skied the Backside of Laxfjället this many times this early in the season before. I realized that I've never really toured on the Backside at all before. It reminded me a lot of Canada. Both me and Ella really missed it.

The snow wasn't as good. More compact, more wind affected and more places with frozen wet snow. Some turns where very difficult.

It was very beautiful above the clouds, and a lot warmer too. 

The watched accidentally turned off, but we did 471 metres uphill.

Anjaliften, Tärnaby on a cold day in Januari 2017

Anjaliften, Tärnaby on a cold day in Januari 2017

Backside, again 11/1

Another day on the backside of Laxfjället in Tärnaby! The snow isn't amazing by any means, but good enough. It's windblown in some places, crusty in other places, and smooth in most places. Not deep, but smooth. Nice for cruising.

Skitouring in Tärnaby can be scenic.

Skitouring in Tärnaby can be scenic.

Ella Swan and I did one longer run and one shorter lap. It was really nice to have a skin track put in already. So much easier on the up. It was a very interesting day for temperature observation. When we left the house it was -24°C in the village, and it was super cold riding the lift up. But then at around 550m of elevation, the cold disappeared. It almost felt like it was above freezing up top, and might actually have been. We stayed above the cold layer all day, and when we skied back home , it was like riding straight into a wall of ice. Freaky.

We did 441 metres uphill, a nice day. I've discovered that I need more than that to get tired though. Which is nice I guess.



Backside 9/1

Skitour on the backside of Laxfjället in Tärnaby. The previous days had been really good, with lots of snow and cold consistent temperature. There is a three week old layer of ice after one day of rain, and then at least 50 cm of snow on top of that on most places. Unfortunately, the night before we had planned to ski the backside, it went warm. Heavy snow, some rain and temperatures above freezing. Add some wind, and it's a tricky situation. We decided to go have a look anyway. I've skied the backside maybe 20 times now, and my experience is that the snow is always colder and deeper over there.

Me, Ella Swan, Thomas Göthberg and Pontus Lindahl Rosén skitoured to Storsten and the wind was howling. There was almost no visibility above the treeline, and we would never have found our way if I hadn't known the mountain quite well. The terrain is quite "small", but you could definitely get lost anyway.

The skiing down to the trees was terrible. Windblown hardpack and absolutely impossible to see anything. But then as soon as we got into the forest, the wind calmed down, and trees made it possible to see where you were going. The snow was somewhere between kind of good and skiable, but for sure a lot better than we had thought. We skied the flattest parts to avoid all avalanche terrain, and then stopped just above the last steep pitch, because the snow was heavier, and there was less safe places to go down. 

We toured up to Kanahobben, very efficiently, and went back down the front side for coffee. The was a couple of surprise nice turns to be had close to the top.

I've had a severe cold, and this was the first outing in a while. Nose was running. Even though it was only sort of okay, and it most definitely would have been amazing 24 hours earlier, I still feel like it was a good day.

Total uphill skiing was 429 vertical metres.


Boxing day 26/12

I had stuff to do (and I was tired) in the AM, so a quick afternoon lap of the Backside it was! I started out at 2 pm and it took an hour. I really tried to go fast, partly because I wanted to see ho fast I could do it, and partly because it's almost pitch black by 3. 

I toured up to Storsten, and went straight down from there, into the forest. The skiing was amazing. A little windblown above the treeline, but once I got further down it was blower. My skis were too skinny, and it was a bit dark to properly send it. Temperature around -12 or 13 I think. I skied just past the steeper pitches, and did a quick change and started walking. I had to track, so it was quite hard work. I had my headlamp with me, but I never turned it on.

Super nice tour, fast and good skiing. The watched paused accidentally, 348 vertical metres metres uphill


Winter Solstice 21/12

One small tour in the middle of the day, and then one even smaller in the evening. 

First was through the snow that had fallen during the night, about a dm. Skied an okay run. I don't really like the skis that the Salomon Shift are mounted on so far, but I'm starting to really dig the bindings. The weather was very varied, but mostly snowing and somewhat of a storm. A few degrees below freezing. Really nice day skiing.  

The second tour was an actual winter solstice tour. Made a fire, had fika and listened to a few poems. It's a tradition for some families here, but it was my first time. Super calm, very nice. The others had more cross country type of skis, I had my light skis and mom walked with her framebindings (!). 

I messed up the movescount again. But I did a very modest 355 vertical metres today.

Two small ones 20/12

First day of testing with the Shift. Salomon S/LAB SHIFT MNC 13 is an incredibly hyped binding and I'm very lucky to be able to test it. Did two very small tours and a few runs in the slope.

Conditions were pretty terrible. Rain the last 24 hours, and a little bit of very wet snow on top. Hard and sticky at the same time. A few degrees above freezing. Uninspiring, but nice to be out. Been longing for the mountains. 

Messed up the movescount, but it was 403 vertical metres.

First Norwegian tour! Ruten 13/12


After 4 months of living in Trondheim, it was finally time for the first ski tour in the area. I had planned to take the bus up to the slopes (which may or may not be abandoned, don't know), och do a few laps there. It snowed last night, some nice cold and dry powder. A friend of mine added me to a Facebook group, and tagged me in a post where someone was asking for company to go on a tour today. Of course I was down!

Ruten is a mountain south west of the city, the apparently one of the most popular tours in the area. It was about an hour to drive, with lots of traffic and a closed road. 

A nice and proper tour. Felt very Norwegian. Never steep on the up, but quite long. We walked through birch forest and up into a valley. Up a north aspect slope, to an upper valley or pass, where there was a small cabin. Had a sandwich by the cabin, then followed a ridge up to the peak. There was a bunch of weird antennas and stuff up there. 


The down was surprisingly steep, and it was a proper run. Like actual high alpine skiing. The light was super flat, and snow was a kind of breakable crust, but soft. After the first 350 vertical metres of skiing though, the rest was more or less transport back down. Flat with small pitches here and there. I managed to get three or four really nice turns in one of the first pitches, where there was straight up powder. 

Nice to get the first real, proper tour in for the season. 



Touring in the cold, Tärnaby 19/11

Philip and I met in P3 Tärnaby Skishop in the morning on the sunny and cold Sunday. I was way too late yet again. We decided to walk up one of the slopes, and take it from there. There was snow, but there was even more brush and weeds. Only a few of the runs have been groomed this summer, and this one hadn't. Philip was walking with snowshoes, and he struggled quite a bit. 

Eventually we arrived att Storsten, one of the peaks of Laxfjället. The sun was gone behind the clouds, and there was a bit of wind too, making it really chilly. The temperature hade read negative 15 when we left. On the downhill, Philip struggled as well, not being able to get anywhere with his snowboard in the flat terrain. The snow was nice, but we would have needed a steeper pitch. After some bushwhacking, more walking and some very cold finger, we decided to just take on of the sloped back down. One where the weeds where cut. 

It was the same story as with the previous days, as soon as you could open up a bit, the skiing was really nice. You hade to be light on your feet, and ski pretty straight, but definitely some fun riding. We returned to the ski shop, cold and tired, but happy about the small tour in our backyard. 

I accidentally used downhill skiing on the watch, instead of ski touring. It doesn't matter too much too.

Vertical metres uphill: 417


Lift Centrumbacken, Hemavan 18/11

Skiing in Centrumbacken, Hemavan for a day, is not what I would usually call a tour, and therefore it doesn't really fit in here. But since it was the first day of the season, I'll post it anyway. 

First day riding the lift was both awesome and awful. It felt so good to be back in real wintertime mode, but I really couldn't ski. I've longed for the early season days in Hemavan. They've really become a tradition over the last years. Back in the day, Tärnaby used to open up first, and there was a bunch of racers everywhere, and no real ski town cosiness. Just sports, athletes that were on yet another training camp. Tärnaby is my home, and the hill is better, no doubt. But the vibe isn't, at least not opening weekend. 

Spending the day lapping Centrumliften with a freeskiing crowd, everyone complaining on how bad they ride and how tired they get, gives me a calm and relaxed feeling. Everyone is just happy to be there. No pressure. 

The day was sort of a renaissance for me. Skiing laps in one slope has always been kind of boring to, be I realize I've been too picky. I skied 29 runs. I counted, thought I did 31, but then checked with the watch and got 29. Still a lot. I skied 6775 vertical metres downhill. These stats ar obviously pointless, but I like recording the days. It makes them feel more special and last longer. At the beginning, as I stated above, I felt like a terrible skier. After 20 runs, I really felt better. I got very tired, which is always nice.