Boxing day 26/12

I had stuff to do (and I was tired) in the AM, so a quick afternoon lap of the Backside it was! I started out at 2 pm and it took an hour. I really tried to go fast, partly because I wanted to see ho fast I could do it, and partly because it's almost pitch black by 3. 

I toured up to Storsten, and went straight down from there, into the forest. The skiing was amazing. A little windblown above the treeline, but once I got further down it was blower. My skis were too skinny, and it was a bit dark to properly send it. Temperature around -12 or 13 I think. I skied just past the steeper pitches, and did a quick change and started walking. I had to track, so it was quite hard work. I had my headlamp with me, but I never turned it on.

Super nice tour, fast and good skiing. The watched paused accidentally, 348 vertical metres metres uphill