Stora Geten 17/1

The biggest day so far this year! Stora Geten is a run west of the lift Linbanan. I realized I haven't skied it in at least three seasons, but I found the way perfectly. It was a lot tighter and more bushy than I remember, but still great. And flatter of course. Everything feels flatter than it used to.

It's been storming for the last two and a half days, and snowing quite a lot. But it obviously hasn't really accumulated in open areas. Above the treeline there was maybe 20-30 cm less snow than last time I was there, 4 days earlier. The temperatures have been well below freezing all the time, so it's been just the brutal erosion of the wind. 

Below the treeline, the snow was still wind affected, further down than I thought. But when the windblown surface stopped, it was great. Really good snow. Light and fluffy on a somewhat bouncy base. 

I toured all the way, even though there was a lift running. Did 745 metres uphill and it felt great! Even though it wasn't a big day by skimo-peoples standards, or by spring standards for me, I feel a bit tired from today. Haven't done that in a while, so it's nice.