New light gear 16/1

First time ever touring with really light gear. My new skis from Movement weighs 840 grams, a 110 gram Dynafit race binding and Alien RS from Scarpa at around 800 grams. I flew uphill. I walked way faster than usual without even thinking about it, even the the skins I had were terrible. Too narrow and with terrible glide. 

Skiing on the toothpicks as they're popularily called, was very hard. I haven't felt that bad at skiing in forever. It was like being on skates. I think the boots has a lot to do with it, since they are far from perfect fitting, and need some work. They also don't have a power strap, which is something I'm very used to. I want them fit with a 100% contract around the lower leg, but these don't. I need to work on how to make that happen.

The skiing could also have been that hard because of the snowstorm, the fact that it was almost dark, and all the snowdrift. 

Did 379 metres uphill, wasn't tired at all.