Backside, again 11/1

Another day on the backside of Laxfjället in Tärnaby! The snow isn't amazing by any means, but good enough. It's windblown in some places, crusty in other places, and smooth in most places. Not deep, but smooth. Nice for cruising.

Skitouring in Tärnaby can be scenic.

Skitouring in Tärnaby can be scenic.

Ella Swan and I did one longer run and one shorter lap. It was really nice to have a skin track put in already. So much easier on the up. It was a very interesting day for temperature observation. When we left the house it was -24°C in the village, and it was super cold riding the lift up. But then at around 550m of elevation, the cold disappeared. It almost felt like it was above freezing up top, and might actually have been. We stayed above the cold layer all day, and when we skied back home , it was like riding straight into a wall of ice. Freaky.

We did 441 metres uphill, a nice day. I've discovered that I need more than that to get tired though. Which is nice I guess.