Backside 9/1

Skitour on the backside of Laxfjället in Tärnaby. The previous days had been really good, with lots of snow and cold consistent temperature. There is a three week old layer of ice after one day of rain, and then at least 50 cm of snow on top of that on most places. Unfortunately, the night before we had planned to ski the backside, it went warm. Heavy snow, some rain and temperatures above freezing. Add some wind, and it's a tricky situation. We decided to go have a look anyway. I've skied the backside maybe 20 times now, and my experience is that the snow is always colder and deeper over there.

Me, Ella Swan, Thomas Göthberg and Pontus Lindahl Rosén skitoured to Storsten and the wind was howling. There was almost no visibility above the treeline, and we would never have found our way if I hadn't known the mountain quite well. The terrain is quite "small", but you could definitely get lost anyway.

The skiing down to the trees was terrible. Windblown hardpack and absolutely impossible to see anything. But then as soon as we got into the forest, the wind calmed down, and trees made it possible to see where you were going. The snow was somewhere between kind of good and skiable, but for sure a lot better than we had thought. We skied the flattest parts to avoid all avalanche terrain, and then stopped just above the last steep pitch, because the snow was heavier, and there was less safe places to go down. 

We toured up to Kanahobben, very efficiently, and went back down the front side for coffee. The was a couple of surprise nice turns to be had close to the top.

I've had a severe cold, and this was the first outing in a while. Nose was running. Even though it was only sort of okay, and it most definitely would have been amazing 24 hours earlier, I still feel like it was a good day.

Total uphill skiing was 429 vertical metres.