Hike 9/9 15,5 km

I went for a morning hike! Walked through the forrest and guided myself with Google Maps and a my watch. The thing with Google Maps on satellite mode, is that there’s no terrain showing. It went up and down a lot, but not really where I expected it too do so. I would really have liked to have more of a hill to climb up, and more of a peak to stand on, but this was still quite nice. Not so much of a work out as just a walk, but that’s OK. I had no expectations, I just felt that I really needed to do a longer tour. I would have regretted it if I did something else, or nothing at all. I forgot to press start on the watch when I left the house, so I didn’t get all the data. But I walked about 14,5 km, and ascended 413 vertical metres. Took a while, a bit tired but not very. Could have walked a lot longer. Somewhat boring with the same sort of environment all the time, and not a lot of views. I did manage to find some sort of peak though, or a bit higher ground at least, and I could see small bits of the ocean through the trees.