Winter Solstice 21/12

One small tour in the middle of the day, and then one even smaller in the evening. 

First was through the snow that had fallen during the night, about a dm. Skied an okay run. I don't really like the skis that the Salomon Shift are mounted on so far, but I'm starting to really dig the bindings. The weather was very varied, but mostly snowing and somewhat of a storm. A few degrees below freezing. Really nice day skiing.  

The second tour was an actual winter solstice tour. Made a fire, had fika and listened to a few poems. It's a tradition for some families here, but it was my first time. Super calm, very nice. The others had more cross country type of skis, I had my light skis and mom walked with her framebindings (!). 

I messed up the movescount again. But I did a very modest 355 vertical metres today.