First Norwegian tour! Ruten 13/12


After 4 months of living in Trondheim, it was finally time for the first ski tour in the area. I had planned to take the bus up to the slopes (which may or may not be abandoned, don't know), och do a few laps there. It snowed last night, some nice cold and dry powder. A friend of mine added me to a Facebook group, and tagged me in a post where someone was asking for company to go on a tour today. Of course I was down!

Ruten is a mountain south west of the city, the apparently one of the most popular tours in the area. It was about an hour to drive, with lots of traffic and a closed road. 

A nice and proper tour. Felt very Norwegian. Never steep on the up, but quite long. We walked through birch forest and up into a valley. Up a north aspect slope, to an upper valley or pass, where there was a small cabin. Had a sandwich by the cabin, then followed a ridge up to the peak. There was a bunch of weird antennas and stuff up there. 


The down was surprisingly steep, and it was a proper run. Like actual high alpine skiing. The light was super flat, and snow was a kind of breakable crust, but soft. After the first 350 vertical metres of skiing though, the rest was more or less transport back down. Flat with small pitches here and there. I managed to get three or four really nice turns in one of the first pitches, where there was straight up powder. 

Nice to get the first real, proper tour in for the season.