Touring in the cold, Tärnaby 19/11

Philip and I met in P3 Tärnaby Skishop in the morning on the sunny and cold Sunday. I was way too late yet again. We decided to walk up one of the slopes, and take it from there. There was snow, but there was even more brush and weeds. Only a few of the runs have been groomed this summer, and this one hadn't. Philip was walking with snowshoes, and he struggled quite a bit. 

Eventually we arrived att Storsten, one of the peaks of Laxfjället. The sun was gone behind the clouds, and there was a bit of wind too, making it really chilly. The temperature hade read negative 15 when we left. On the downhill, Philip struggled as well, not being able to get anywhere with his snowboard in the flat terrain. The snow was nice, but we would have needed a steeper pitch. After some bushwhacking, more walking and some very cold finger, we decided to just take on of the sloped back down. One where the weeds where cut. 

It was the same story as with the previous days, as soon as you could open up a bit, the skiing was really nice. You hade to be light on your feet, and ski pretty straight, but definitely some fun riding. We returned to the ski shop, cold and tired, but happy about the small tour in our backyard. 

I accidentally used downhill skiing on the watch, instead of ski touring. It doesn't matter too much too.

Vertical metres uphill: 417