Lift Centrumbacken, Hemavan 18/11

Skiing in Centrumbacken, Hemavan for a day, is not what I would usually call a tour, and therefore it doesn't really fit in here. But since it was the first day of the season, I'll post it anyway. 

First day riding the lift was both awesome and awful. It felt so good to be back in real wintertime mode, but I really couldn't ski. I've longed for the early season days in Hemavan. They've really become a tradition over the last years. Back in the day, Tärnaby used to open up first, and there was a bunch of racers everywhere, and no real ski town cosiness. Just sports, athletes that were on yet another training camp. Tärnaby is my home, and the hill is better, no doubt. But the vibe isn't, at least not opening weekend. 

Spending the day lapping Centrumliften with a freeskiing crowd, everyone complaining on how bad they ride and how tired they get, gives me a calm and relaxed feeling. Everyone is just happy to be there. No pressure. 

The day was sort of a renaissance for me. Skiing laps in one slope has always been kind of boring to, be I realize I've been too picky. I skied 29 runs. I counted, thought I did 31, but then checked with the watch and got 29. Still a lot. I skied 6775 vertical metres downhill. These stats ar obviously pointless, but I like recording the days. It makes them feel more special and last longer. At the beginning, as I stated above, I felt like a terrible skier. After 20 runs, I really felt better. I got very tired, which is always nice.