First Skitour!! 16/11


Finally. It's the latest start to the ski season I've ever experienced, at least that I can remember. After France, I repacked in Trondheim and the took the train up north. It had been snowing a bit, it had been below freezing for at least a week and it was definitely winter. Coming from a brown France, and a grey Trondheim, a winter wonderland in white was absolutely amazing. 

I have an assignment from, Scandinavias biggest skiing-site, to test and write an article about a new pair of touring bindings. That meant I really had to go out, no matter the conditions. Now, the conditions where not that bad, but it was nice to kind of have that bit of fire under my butt.

I had seen on the social medias, as you do, about really nice snow closer to the Norwegian border, higher on the mountains. I went out by myself, and didn't really want to go into any kind of avalanche terrain (i.e. anything that's steep enough to enjoy in deeper snow), so I toured up behind the house instead. There wasn't enough snow to avalanche there. I saw three moose (mooses?) on the way up. The feeling of nature and everything was overwhelming. Amazing.


I was slow. So incredibly slow. I'm used to feel like I'm flying up the mountain, and then to have loads of energy at the top. That was not the case for this first tour of the year. But I got up, got a couple of nice turns, went up a bit more and then back down for lunch. I had to thread very lightly in the slopes to not hit rock in every turn. If i skied straight and fast, I floated up and didn't hit anything. Walked back up a bit and skid to the front door, luxurious.

My ski boots felt awful, ny knee hurt a bit afterwards, and I felt lika a kook. But it was the first day of the year, it was awesome. 

Vertical metres uphill : 605