Sunday Tour - Storheia second attempt 22/10

I have forgotten to upload my tours. And I can't make sense of the post before this one. Anyway, this Sunday tour we made a second attempt on going up Storheia, the the highest peak in the Bymarka-area close to town. 


The weather was absolutely wonderful. It hade been below freezing during the night, so the trail was frozen and hard in some places, which made it a lot easier. We hade decided the day before when to go and what to pack and all that, so we actually got going a bit earlier than usual. Since it was a Sunday, there were loads of people. It didn't bother us too much on the way up, it actually made it a bit easier to find the trail. It wasn't that hard to find though, after we'd looked it up and and read all the descriptions again. It was big and wide, more like a road in the beginning, The reason we didn't find it last time, was the fact that we followed a sign that said "Storheia." Maybe the signpost was turned, or maybe that trail would also lead us there, but it wasn't the main one, that's for sure. 

The hike was easy, with only one passage where it was a little wet. The view was really nice, and the peak was both higher and colder than I had imagined. It's not big or high by any means, but still a nice spot to hike to.  We had fika on the top and the went down again. Hitched a ride back to town. Very nice day out. Forgot to turn the watch on.