French Run, Valliguères 8/11

I visited my grandmother and onkel in France for a week, and their much younger friend asked me if I wanted to go running. Of course! He's french, born and raised in the area, but has been living in Sweden for the past 25 years or so. We spoke Swedish. 

He showed me a really nice trail around a the village. Around some of the vineyards, by the extremely dry water reservoir and up on the ridge of the surrounding hills. There's a water-source close to the trail, for which the village gets it's drinking water, and when we ran past a wild boar emerged from a ditch. I've always heard a lot about how there's so many wild boars around there, and that they destroy gardens and can be dangerous and all that, but I've never seen one. Now, it was maybe 10m away. Pretty cool actually.

The trail was some asphalt, but mostly hard gravel and dirt. Shins and knees felt better than I thought. Really cold for being the south of France, I had to wear a sweater.

Did another run a few days later, won't make a separate post about that.