Laxfjället, Tärnaby 7/10


Solo hike on my home mountain! I went home for a few days, mainly because I had the opportunity. One of the things I looked forward to the most was gaining some elevation and getting up the mountain. I packed some cinnamon rolls, the coffee pot and some firewood and walked up from the house. The ground was wet, the air was cold and clear. It filled my lungs with calmness. 

I went up the first peak, the highest. Laxfjället (Salmon Mountain) is almost an island, with big lakes to both the south and the north, a big river to the east and low grounds to the west. So even though it isn't very high, the views are incredible. Snow on mountaintops, fog and clear lakes below. It's far from a clear day, the weather isn't spectacular in any way. But it's beautiful none the less. 

I descend to the old fishing hole that sits in the saddle on the mountain, a bit on the north side. It's tiny, and surface is perfectly still. There's ice around the edges, and the ground is still frozen from the cold night. There used to be arctic char planted in there a some time ago, but I don't think there is any left. 


Coffee time! I find a spot close to a big boulder to make a fire, so the heat will reflect off of it. It's pretty cold out, so I need som heat as I sit still. The coffee is old and the pot hasn't been washed since the last time I used it, which was maybe a year ago for this particular one. The coffee is kind of gross, but it's still a nice time. It started to snow.

After I put the fire out with the coffee that I didn't drink so much of, I went up to the second peak. The snow didn't really make a difference on the ground, but it was really nice just to have it in the air. The first snowfall of the season for me. I walked over to the third peak, and then down the ski slope back home.

A very nice and well needed outing. In a perfect world this would be the bare minimum every day.