Asphalt Run 3/10

I don't like running on pavement. I'm probably just really bad at it. But since I'm unfortunately surrounded by the hard, man-made ground, it would be easier if I could just run on it. Now I walk the 1,2 km to the edge of the forest, where the unpaved trails begin. The trails are also the same not as many as the streets, so there's less exploring, even though I definitely like the woods far more than the city. But I'd like to explore this town more, and running would be a great way to do it. 

This run was with a backpack, and the goal was the grocery store. Via a detour and getting a bit lost, I found my way. Did the shopping and ran back. That was a clear mistake, since three of the 6 eggs that I had bought broke, making a mess in the backpack. Not really a surprise obviously, but I actually had run with eggs in the backpack before. 

Anyway, this was almost two weeks ago and my knees have hurt on and off since. I still can't run on pavement.