Sunday Tour - Storheia 1/10


Storheia is the tallest peak in Bymarka, the big recreational area close to Trondheim. We decided to try and hike up it. It was about a 9 km round trip, easy path. We failed to get up to the peak. We had read the tour description and found what we thought was the right trail. It even said Storheia on it. It was not the right one, it was super wet and muddy, and didn't even go in the right direction. Eventually we found a better trail, and walked along that for a bit. The weather got worse, and we stopped for fika. As we drank the unbelievably thick hot chocolate I had made, it started to rain. We walked back. We found better paths on the way back, and had we walked the same way from the start, our feet might have stayed dry. We had taken the bus there, and it was out first time taking any bus anywhere in Trondheim. So we had to wait at the bus stop and buy tickets and all that. But just as we had a arrived back, a blue Beetle pulled up and we got a lift back to town. Really nice! Biked back home from the center of town. Wet and tired. It was a failed mission, but definitely a nice tour.